Verbal & Physical Abuse

Verbal & Physical Abuse

Anger Management

When your anger begins to impact on your life you may feel out of control, ashamed and regretful in the aftermath of your behavior. Therapy can help you to become aware of what might trigger your anger. Past events may be causing you to act out in the present. By exploring your triggers and working through them in a safe space, you can begin to learn how to manage your anger in a healthier way.
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Verbal/Physical Abuse

If you are a victim of either physical or verbal abuse you may find yourself feeling alone, afraid and isolated. You may have conflicting thoughts about what has taken place, or may feel like you gave somebody reason to behave abusively towards you. It is important that you know that you do not need to suffer in silence. Together we can look at what help and supports you need to get you through this vulnerable time in your life.
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Work Related Issues

Bullying in the work place can be both terrifying and overwhelming. You may feel humiliated or intimidated and fear the thought of going to work every day. Work may start to consume your thoughts. You might feel like your issue may not be taken seriously or that the only option you have is to call in sick or to hand in your notice to your employer. Therapy can help you to explore what the best solution might be for you and help you to learn new coping skills so that you can regain your power.