The term “relationship” does not necessarily mean with a partner or loved one, it can be your mother in law, father in law a friend or work colleague. Relationship with another can be extremely difficult to manage. Learning to become more aware of yourself and your own needs in therapy, can help you to think independently of others.  You can be open to hearing someone else’s opinion without having to agree or disagree with it.

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Relationship Issues

All relationships change over time, from feelings of excitement and wanting to spend every moment together to feelings of resentment and hurt. Communication, infidelity, money and sex can play a part in relationship issues. Therapy can help you to explore your options of either remaining in or leaving your relationship. By becoming more aware of your patterns of behavior and recognising your own part in the relationship you can learn to  communicate in a conscious healthy way, while also helping you to identify what your own needs are.

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Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards other people. You can find people physically, sexually or emotionally attractive. Sexual identity can change throughout a person’s life this may not be in line with biological sex, or sexual orientation.Everyone’s sexuality is different and it is not necessarily as simple as being gay or lesbian, it can be confusing in trying to identify what your preference may be. Therapy can offer you the space to explore what you are feeling in a non judgmental, supportive way.