Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety


Depression can show up in lots of different ways, but the most common symptoms of depression are feelings of deep sadness, which can prevent you from going about your day to day life. You may find that you lack of interest in activities that you used to enjoy.  You may experience suicidal thoughts or feel like you want to stay in bed all day. Putting one foot in front of the other can feel like a huge deal. Exploring what triggers these feelings can be quite helpful, from negative beliefs about yourself to what you might perceive others or thinking of you. Circumstances that have happened within your life may have left you feeling overwhelmed. Therapy can help you to understand what’s happening for you and will give you the tools and support needed to help you to move forward.

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Anxiety can be a normal response to stressful situations such as a job interview or working towards a deadline or making a speech. When anxiety becomes frequent it can intrude on your thoughts, mood and behavior and can sometimes impact on you in a physical way. You may find yourself catastrophizing situations before they have happened . Therapy can help you to become aware of what triggers your anxiety, and can help you to stay in the present tense so that you will feel more grounded and in control.

Panic Attacks

When panic attacks it can begin anywhere or at the most inappropriate of times, it can start with a sudden intense feeling. You could be catching a bus or in a supermarket or driving along the road. Panic attacks usually come with physical symptoms such as uncontrollable shaking, nausea or breathlessness. It can be very frightening to experience. Learning to breathe and take deep breaths can help when a panic attack begins. Therapy can help you to become aware of  deeper memories that maybe contributing to your panic and can enable you to work through the panic so that you can begin to feel safe and more comfortable within yourself.