Launching My New Website

Hi everyone, today I’m launching my new website. Of course my inner critic is out , sitting on my shoulder and asking me questions like… did you write enough ? Is it good enough? Etc etc. The great part about it is that I am very much aware of my inner critic , that small part that can if I give it permission cause mayhem leading me to redo everything again. I consciously decide to listen to my inner critic and thank it for expressing its concerns . I relook at what I have written and have decided that it’s good enough for me. I am human after all! I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that can identify with similar experiences . Which brings me to a question that I hear very regularly in my work. Why don’t I trust myself? Why do I always doubt myself even when things are going the way I want them to go? It’s normal to question or check in with yourself, it’s okay to feel unsure. Sometimes you might not accept that you are going in the right direction and find yourself self sabotaging , allowing that inner critic to take over. You may look to others to confirm that you are not good enough by validating their opinion and rejecting your own gut feeling. Check to see what it would feel like to believe in yourself, to trust that you are more than capable. That you are perfect exactly the way you are. Ask yourself why you feel the need to give away your power. What makes others so special that you trust them to tell you who you are or what you can be? Sometimes we take negative experiences that we have heard or learned about ourselves and we swallow them whole. Believing that others know you better than you know yourself . Allowing others opinion to matter more than you’re own. Of course it’s okay to ask loved ones , and trusted friends opinion. The opinion which matters most however is your own. Step back, take a breath. Decide what you fits for you. Maybe you can be open to receiving feedback and hearing what others have to say or maybe you can trust that what ever decision you make is the best option for you. If you find that the choice you made was the wrong one then be gentle yourself, think about how you would treat another in the same position. I’m sure you would be compassionate and supportive. After all your only human . Or maybe you got it right after all !

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